Leaving a Legacy: A New Look at Planned Giving Donors — Print Edition
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Leaving a Legacy: A New Look at Planned Giving Donors — Print Edition

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NOTE: This item is a pre-order for the PRINT edition, available as a more than 20-page, full-color 6” x 9” paperback book. All purchasers will receive an instant download of the digital files on November 6, and print copies will be shipped within three weeks of the release date. 

This Giving USA Special Report, “Leaving a Legacy: A New Look at Planned Giving Donors” is a landmark effort in understanding today’s planned giving donors, and provides valuable insight into a key aspect of philanthropy that has not yet been extensively researched.

Data from a targeted survey of planned giving prospects and donors reveals:

  • Key trends in gift types, including bequests, charitable annuities, retirement plans, insurance policies, and trusts
  • Who is most likely to make a planned gift and their motivations 
  • The importance of building lifelong, personal relationships with current and future donors
  • The benefit of receiving planned gifts of all sizes and how to engage different types of donors at all levels
  • Common misperceptions fundraisers hold about planned gifts and how to correct them

This Special Report will give you the data and analysis you need to effectively discuss legacy giving with your donors.

Available for $24.95 in digital PDF format or as a paperback book (with digital download) for $29.95.