Giving USA Special Report - Donor-Advised Funds: New Insights
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Giving USA Special Report - Donor-Advised Funds: New Insights

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The most comprehensive study of its kind, Donor-Advised Funds: New Insights is the most exhaustive report on Donor-Advised Funds to date. Readers will better understand the trends around DAFs and their role in the philanthropic landscape, as well as how much is being put into DAFs and how much is being granted from these funds.

The deep insights in this report, a follow-up to Giving USA’s 2018 DAF special report, reflect findings from 87 DAF sponsors, accounting for nearly 75 percent of total grant dollars from DAFs for 2014-2018. The report also analyzes $74 billion in grant funds going to over 240,000 organizations, answering important questions like:

  • What types of organizations receive grants from DAFs?
  • How have DAF trends changed over time?
  • How do trends differ among various types of DAF sponsoring organizations; for example, how might granting patterns at community foundations differ from grants at other types of DAF-sponsoring organizations such as national funds or single-issue charities?

Answers to these questions, and much more, are critical to helping you understand the role of Donor Advised Funds in philanthropy today. Purchase and/or download your copy today, and remember – Giving USA subscribers have access to download the full report free of charge.

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