2021 Comprehensive Presentation PowerPoint
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2021 Comprehensive Presentation PowerPoint

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Equip yourself to provide informative presentations on Giving USA 2021: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2020, with our convenient, flexible, and powerful PowerPoint presentation.

The 2021 Comprehensive Presentation PowerPoint provides graphs and talking points that:

  • Define economic forces that drive philanthropy including the GDP and the S&P 500
  • Show the relationship between economic forces and charitable giving over time
  • Provides insight into how those relationships have changed over the last 40 years

It also provides a deeper dive into charitable giving by all four sources, as well as the nine major recipient categories, including:

  • Graphs that show the last 40 years of data in both current and inflation-adjusted dollars for each source and recipient category
  • Talking points for each slide, identifying key data points for each source and recipient category
  • 2-year and 5-year bar charts that put 2020 results in context and show how giving has changed over time

The Giving USA 2021 Comprehensive Presentation PowerPoint is ideal for presenting more in-depth findings, for understanding how a particular source or recipient category has changed over time, and for understanding how the picture of philanthropy has evolved in the last 40 years.

What You Get:

Your digital file contains one Comprehensive Presentation PowerPoint slide deck that includes:

  • All the data and graphs from “The Numbers” section of our annual report, along with explanatory text you can use during your presentation
  • An overview section on Giving USA and its history
  • Key Giving USA data from the 2021 annual report, with talking points written in narrative style (also contains some commonly asked questions and the answers to those questions)

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